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A view from the UK

Benjamin Chernivsky



Drinking hot chocolate at the Kensington Arms Pub with other abroad students (L-R Tiffany, Ben, Blair)


10 September: My new home for the next three-and-a-half months has become a basement flat of Hogarth Road with five other students from the mid-west region of the US, located just west of central London. The street is lined with towering walls of white flats without alleys in site; nearly an alley itself of homes and hotels scattering with hot foods and cafes that stream to the end of Hogarth, into Earl's Court - an intersection alive with people scurrying in and out of the Court's popular tube station (pictured on my front page) and cluttered with convience stores, Asian resturants, banks, Middle-Eastern cafes, internet cafes, and laundry houses. As I walk home late Monday night I run into Steve and Jeff conversing a bit about their day

See a bunch of my roommates here.

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